PAN Am Flight 914: 37-Year Time Travel Mystery Solved

There were many incidents reported about flight accidents and missing flights. But some were so mysterious that people connected those incidents with time travel, aliens and ghosts. Yes, we are talking about Pan Am Flight 914, the flight that disappeared.

pan am flight 914

Today we will look at flight 914 mystery, one of the most famous incidents, which claimed that a flight landed after 37 years of flying. Is it true? Or is it just one of those fictional stories passed by our grandfathers?

The flight that disappeared

On 12th July 1955, A flight (PAN American 914) with four crew members and 57 passengers took off from New York for Miami, but it never landed in Miami.

pan american 914

The plane suddenly disappeared in thin air as if it had never existed. The control tower also couldn’t get hold of the plane. Finally, the government concluded that the plane might have crashed in the ocean, and they conducted a search operation. But nothing was found. So after many tried to find the plane, the government finally gave up on searching, compensated the families of passengers for their loss, and closed the case.

missing flight

Then suddenly, after 37 years, on 21st May 1992, a strange thing happened at the Caracas airport in Venezuela. Juan de la Corte (air traffic controller) saw a mysterious plane approaching the airport, which could only be seen by the naked eye and was undetectable by the radar. He got shocked by this. Then, when he talked with the pilot over the radio, he asked, “Where are you coming from?”, The pilot said he was coming from New York and going to Miami.

The Calendar

the flight that disappeared

Corte got confused as Miami was 1800 kms away from Caracas airport. The pilot asked what place this was; Juan said that it was Caracas airport in Venezuela and asked if they were lost. The pilot didn’t answer, as if stunned and in fear. Then Juan let them land by clearing the runway and told them he sent the land crew to help them. He heard the pilot and co-pilot saying, “What is this thing? It is so scary.”

flight 914 mystery

As Juan sent the land crew to help them, the pilot told them not to come near them and that they were going. He waved his hands from the cockpit window using a file so that they could see the signal for them to stop. And a calendar fell on the runway from the file the pilot was using, and then they took off again and vanished in thin air.

Eye Witness Accounts

missing plane landed after 37 years

Ground staff said the passengers looked fearful and stunned as they thought they were still in 1955 and the plane model was also old. Passengers were the same age while flying while all their relatives grew older.

It is said that the recordings of the call between the pilot and Juan were taken under custody of secret services along with the calendar, which fell from the pilot’s hand, which was dated 1955.

But the question persists, Is this a real story? Or just a fake rumour of a missing flight?

Fact Check

To check this, We conducted research.

When we searched about this incident on Google, we found many articles written about the missing plane landed after 37 years, but there were no single official or governmental website claimed that this incident ever happened.

Different websites gave different names of people with their roles and exact information in detail about what happened in real, etc., but none were legitimate sources. It’s just like rewriting the same thing again and again from different unofficial websites. It’s just like if someone says that crow took your ears. Then people start to run after the crow instead of checking their ears.


Then when we checked different lists of incidents that happened with different planes throughout many years, no incident was reported about missing plane on 12th July 1955. Surprisingly, there is no record of the Pan American 914 flight in the list of manufactured planes. Does Pan American 914 flight exists in real life?

Secondly, It was claimed that the flight went missing on 12th July 1955 with 57 passengers and four crew members. Still, no news was reported in official newspapers on 13th July 1955.


According to our research, it is a fictional story. We will also tell you about the source from which this rumour started.

Only one newspaper printed this news after an interval of a few years, three times.

pan am flight 914

They printed this news in 1985, then in 1992 and then again in 1993. The funny thing is that they changed the picture of the air traffic controller Juan de la Corte ( the person who talked to the pilot and got the calender) in the same articles published with few changes by them in 1985 and 1992.

How did the Rumour Start?

The name of the newspaper was Weekly World News. This newspaper is only used to print stories related to ghosts, aliens, time travel etc. People will love to read these types of news as people love fictional stories. So their sales went up high.

This newspaper company got closed in 2007.

Time travel flight

So what are your thoughts now? Was this a case of time travel? Or just another rumor? Comment down your opinions.

You can also find more information about this incident on Factcheck.

You can also check out our other articles about Time travel. Is Time travel connected to teleportation? What are your thoughts?

See you in the next article till then take care.

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