Parallel Universe: The Secrets of the Multiverse

Imagine one day that you wake up and a person with the same face as yours is standing in front of you. Will you believe it? What will your reaction be? Everyone loves the idea of parallel universes. Maybe because it’s an appeal for things to turn out differently from their normal lives. An alternate reality where you can meet superheroes like Spider-Man and Batman in real life. But is it really the case? Stay tuned and understand the concept of the parallel universe in simple terms.

Parallel Universe

Now the question arises, “What is a parallel universe?”

The simple and straight answer to this question is that a parallel universe is a hypothetical universe that coexists with our known universe but may operate under fundamentally different laws of physics. Alternative universe, parallel universe, and multiverse are all synonyms. So, don’t get confused by different terms. If you are still wondering what the meaning of “parallel universe” is, then let’s look at some evidence to help us understand the parallel universe theory.

Some common theories about the parallel universe

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking

According to Stephen Hawking’s parallel universe theory, like our universe, many other universes exist. He said that maybe those universes also have the same atmosphere as ours. He explained this with the help of the theory of the Big Bang. According to Hawking, our universe was formed after the blast of the Big Bang. So maybe other universes were also formed after the blast of the Big Bang, and because these universes were formed together, they might be physically the same as ours. Many scientists agreed with Stephen Hawking’s theory and also said that, like in our universe, our planet earth has civilization; maybe other universes also have a planet like the earth that has life on it. But that doesn’t mean that their evolution is the same as ours. 

There might be two conditions:

First, there could be no life at all due to external factors such as an asteroid that has already destroyed the planet in their universe.

Or second, life still persists. like when our planet was hit by an asteroid and dinosaurs went extinct. Maybe in a parallel universe, Earth was never hit by an asteroid, and maybe it still has dinosaurs on it. Maybe there are humans who are more developed than us. We never know…

String theory and parallel universes


According to a physics theory known as “string theory,”  little particles are comparable to the various notes on a string that is vibrating. The sort of particle and the physical principles that the string abides by are determined by the way it vibrates. The concept is that the entire universe is made up of these vibrating strings, much like a large symphony. The concept of a multiverse is one thing that results from this hypothesis. This implies that there may be a variety of worlds, each with a unique symphony of strings. One of them is the universe we live in.

Is the multiverse real?

According to the theories given by different scientists, many universes exist or coexist, and maybe an earth like ours also exists. Many people believe that there are humans who share our characteristics. This might sound like a movie script, but there are many theories supporting these things. So, we can’t completely deny the possibility, especially when scientists like Stephen Hawking also agreed with the possibility. Many scientists are still working on this and trying to figure out if the parallel universe really exists. But a few parallel life examples may make you question again: Is the multiverse’s existence real?

Parallel universe stories

In 1954, a man landed in Tokyo at Haneda Airport. This man, like other people, was taking his luggage and going out of the airport.


Every traveler has to go to the airport check before going out, so this man went there for checking, but what happened after that was just unimaginable. An airport officer asked him for his passport. That man gave his passport to the airport officer. Then the airport officer asked him from which country he was. The man said that he is from a country named Taured. The airport officer had never heard the name of the country by that name. But still, the world has many big and small countries, so he checked the world map to find his country.

What Happened next will shock you.
Parallel universe story

There was no country named Taured on the world map. Airport officials were shocked because, when they checked the passport, it was issued by a country named Taured, and also seemed genuine. That man was looking perfectly fine, and there was nothing to suspect about his mental health as he was talking perfectly. Everyone tried to make him say the truth; they thought maybe he was a drug smuggler and that’s why he was faking his country, but that man didn’t change his words at all and said that I am from Taured and my name is John Zigras.

Parallel universe

His main language was French, but he was speaking some words that were unrecognizable. Then the airport officers gave him the world map to pinpoint his country, That man looked at the world map and pointed at a place named Andorra. This place, Andorra was at the border of Spain and France. John was shocked and said, “Why is this place named Andorra?” According to him, that country’s name was Taured. Officials checked his luggage and everything else and found nothing suspicious. So there was no reason for him to lie. He shared many other details with officers as well. Officers then took him into their custody to investigate more.


Is multiverse real?

They made him stay in a hotel room with only one exit and four guards sitting at the gate; there were no windows in the room. But the next day, that man suddenly disappeared from that room. Even the documents seized from him vanished from airport officers’ possession. They searched for him, but he was never found again. Many people believed that the man was actually from Taured and slipped from the parallel space. That’s why he knew about the country but was saying the names differently. Many people believe that this story is just a rumor and that parallel universes don’t exist.

What is your opinion?

Many people wonder, “How to travel between parallel universes?” or “how to contact yourself in a parallel universe?” 

How to travel between parallel universes?

If you want to explore more about the parallel universe, Here are a few books that you can refer to…

  • Parallel Worlds: The Science of Alternative Universes and Our Future in the Cosmos by Michio Kaku
  • The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos by Brian Greene
  • In Search of the Multiverse: Parallel Worlds, Hidden Dimensions, and the Ultimate Quest for the Frontiers of Reality by John Gribbin

I shortlisted these books based on reviews for your reference.

What is your opinion about the multiverse? Do you believe in the Parallel universe? Please share your opinion in the comment section below. See you in the next article, till then stay safe.

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  1. This is very interesting topic to discuss on but we are not actually sure what’s the reality there are more to be researched on. But yes I believe that there can be chances that parallel world exist.
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